Coconut Ice Cream delight

If ever you find yourself in need of a treat in Phnom Penh, there is a place at the Night Market that offers just the right sweetness. The coconut ice cream bowl brings happiness to anyone who is looking for a treat at night – or on a warm, late afternoon.

When you have some free time, and you are in Phnom Penh, you can head over to the Phnom Penh Night market, and on the right side area when facing the stage, by the “food court” there is a pretty lady selling ice cream.

Pretty lady selling ice cream in coconut bowls

Coconut ice cream bowl

What makes this ice cream unique? One thing is the way it has been presented. When you choose the flavor you want, you are provided with a coconut bowl with three scoops of ice cream, and some coconut meat shavings.

The ice cream is then topped up with some sweet corn kernels and strips of jackfruit. If that does not hit the sweet spot, then we do not know what will!


The ice cream costs 5,000 Riels for their regular fare, or $1.25. There is some difference in the price for the more diverse flavors, but the coffee and coconut ice cream that was tried was that price.

The nice thing about the shop is that they do offer descriptions in English as well, so choosing the ice cream flavor is not so difficult. At the price they offer, the contents of the coconut bowl is enough to keep you full until you find your next preferred food.

Support local sellers by trying out these unique, yet delicious preparations. Not only is it delicious, but it is also quite affordable.

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