Koh Kong

The untouched gem of Cambodia, Koh Kong is a province teeming with vast greenery atop mountains juxtaposed with largely untamed coastline. 

About Koh Kong

Koh Kong is in the Southwest region of Cambodia. It borders Sihanoukville to the East, Kampot to the Southeast, Gulf of Thailand to the West and Pursat to the North. The capital of the province is Khemarak Phoumin, which is located only 8 km from Cham Yeam, the Southernmost border checkpoint to Thailand in Cambodia.

Within the province lies the Cardamom Mountain range where an untouched forest dwells, one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Along with the Cardamom Mountain, this gem is also home to Cambodia’s largest national park, Botum Sakor National Park, and some of the best waterfalls in Cambodia. Koh Kong also encompasses part of Kirirom’s National Park. Much like the mountains and forest, the coastlines are mostly untouched by any development, giving tourists the rare opportunity to visit some of Cambodia’s true beauty. The province is also known for all it’s casinos along the border of Thailand and the ports, where an Export Processing Zone will be established in the near future for international trade. 

Going to Koh Kong

Due to the underdeveloped nature of the province, there are a limited number of ways to get to Koh Kong. There is an airport available but they are in terrible condition and currently not in use. As for buses, Koh Kong can be accessed from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville or in from Thailand. There are several buses that run straight to Koh Kong along National road 43 some of which is Emerald Express and Virak Buntham Express.

Another way to get to Koh Kong is through Thailand. The increasingly popular border point in Cham Yeam offers the perfect gateway to enter if you are ever in need for alternate route into Cambodia. Visitors can take taxis or tuk-tuk from Hat Lek, the closest town to the border. Negotiations will be required to get a decently priced trip. 

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Getting around

Motorcycles can be rented out at Khemarak Phoumin if you want to experience the area the way the locals do. There are trips and tours available if you are looking for one. Roads are relatively safe so long as you are aware of your surroundings as local drivers follow no rules.