Rainy Season in Cambodia: What to Prepare

While there is some debate over when is the best time to visit Cambodia, there is a time when Cambodia enters into its wet season, rainy season, or the newly coined “green” season. Rainy season in Cambodia can be survivable if you know what to prepare.

Rainy season in Cambodia

The wet season arrives sometime from May to October into the Kingdom of Wonder, due to the southwest monsoon. This brings around three-quarters of the annual rain that Cambodia gets. And the peak is often around July to September. At this point, it can rain almost daily.

However, unlike other countries, the heavy downpour can range from one to a few hours. It usually does not last the entire day.

Traveling during the rainy season

Getting wet is definitely a disadvantage for travelers in Cambodia. Especially since travel time may be extended due to roads getting flooded and the road conditions.

However, travelers who manage to brave the rain will definitely be rewarded with cooler weather, fresh views, and a more relaxed – less stifling – atmosphere. 

What to Prepare

Whether traveling within the Cambodian cities or in outdoors, you need to be prepared for this rainy season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, in order to have a hassle free exploration of Cambodia:

  1. Mosquito Alert – It is a known fact that dengue is a problem in Cambodia. During the rainy season, there are cases of dengue going about, so it would be best to always bring mosquito repellants, creams, and wear proper clothing.
  2. Raincoat and Umbrella – Street vendors often have raincoats or plastic ponchos readily available at around $0.50 or 2000 riel. However, it would also be good to have a raincoat of the sturdier kind and an umbrella ready in your bag in case of sudden downpour.
  3. Extra Clothes and Flip Flops – As mentioned above, sometimes rain just comes out of the blue. Sometimes, the combination of rain and wind can catch you off guard and you often get wet. As a result, its best to sometimes carry extra clothing, flip flops if you plan to walk, and maybe a towel or two? Throw in alcohol and some wipes and you are good to go.
  4. Vitamins and Vaccinations – With a lot of cases of flu and fever, it is always a good idea to drink vitamins and have good health. Vaccinations should also be included.
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These are really just a few tips that you could do to prepare for the rainy season in Cambodia. Otherwise, everything should still be rather enjoyable.

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