Activities to do in Siem Reap

Known as the cultural city of Cambodia and home to the Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is a destination that everyone should visit. Being a cultural hub of the country, naturally it attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Siem Reap is filled with activities that everyone can enjoy, making sure you always have something to do. While Angkor Wat is the main attraction, it’s not the only one. These are some of the best things to do in Siem Reap after you’ve visited Angkor Wat.

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Let loose on Pub Street

Siem Reap is home to one of the best nightlife in Cambodia. The Pub Street is a combination of some of the best clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants all situated in one place. Additionally, you can find relatively inexpensive foods and drinks around the area. In contrast to the quiet temples outside the city, Pub Street provides the perfect destination for anyone looking to relax and have fun.

Explore Phnom Kulen

Situated just outside of the city is Phnom Kulen. Known to as the most sacred mountain in Cambodia, Phnom Kulen is home to multiple temple ruins and a pagoda at the very top. Aside from the ruins, it also houses some of the most splendid waterfalls and forest. If you’re looking for an alternative to the temples, Phnom Kulen is the best choice.

Explore the floating village

Situated around the Tonle Sap Lake, the floating village is the home of those that depends on the lake. The largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, the Tonle Sap is rich in resources, providing Cambodians with all their needs. The best time to visit the floating village is during the rainy season, when the water levels are at their peak.

Trapeze with Phare Circus

The Phare is the Cirque Du Soleil of Cambodia, but it is not a carbon copy of it. The performers use art, music, dance and theater to tell Cambodian historical, folk and modern stories to the audience. The Phare is also a school that takes in the less fortunate, the poor and neglected kids to teach new skills. As a result, it helps them earn a decent wage in the future. There are some graduates who have gone out to the world and performed in many, many countries. The Phare is an unmissable experience for anyone visiting Siem Reap.

Visit the landmine Museum

The Landmine Museum is meant to educate visitors about landmines and the tragedies that befell on Cambodia. The biggest problem that still lingers till today are the hundreds of thousands of hidden mines all around the country. As a result, Aki Ra, made it his goal to remove any mines that he can find and setting them in his museum to teach visitors.

Stroll through the Old Market  

For an authentic Khmer shopping experience, you should head over to the Old Market, the oldest market in Siem Reap. Known as Psar Chas, the vendors sells fresh products such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Also, you can find household items and commodities for sale around the market. There are souvenirs sold at the market, most of which are sold near the entrance. If you want to shop like the locals, have a stroll through the Old Market.

Angkor Night Market

Situated not far from Pub Street is the night market where visitors can purchase souvenirs from over 200 shops, all with their own bamboo huts. These products are done by locals and NGOs to not only promote Cambodia’s handicraft but to also help preserve them. Some of the things that you can find in this night market are silk paintings, stone carvings, hand bags and other things. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of Pub Street, Angkor Night Market is a great alternative.

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