Located in the Eastern part of Cambodia, Mondulkiri is a province that stands out from most of the provinces with its rolling hills filled with short green grasses juxtaposed with its thick forest lined with waterfalls.

About Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri is the largest province in Cambodia, bordering the province of Ratanakiri to the North, Kratie to the West, Stung Treng to the North-West and Vietnam to the East. Despite being the largest, Mondulkiri is the most sparsely populated of all the provinces. The quiet town of Sen Monorom is the capital of Mondulkiri, located in the South East of the province. Despite being the capital, Sen Monorom only has a population of around 7,500 but the size allows for the town to still co-exist with the beauty of Mondulkiri.

mondulkiri overhead
Sen Monorom

Outside the town, nature flourishes everywhere. The terrain is very mountainous; the lushful grasslands accommodate parts of the land, allowing for the shape of the mountain to stand out while the dense forest takes over the rest of the area, hiding amongst it are some of the best waterfalls in Cambodia. In the province, only about 20% of the population is Khmer while the rest are made up of tribal minorities with the “Pnongs” making up the largest of them. Besides the incredible scenery, untamed nature and culturally diverse people, the province is also known to be a great place for camping.

Getting to Mondulkiri

The only way to get to the province is by land, either on your motorcycle, car, bus or rental van. As of now, an airport is currently being built meaning there is no option to fly by air. Sen Monorom is about 390 km from Phnom Penh, making the trip about 7 hours long.

The trip can be made with your motorcycle or car but alternatively, you can also rent a van or take a bus, which are all reasonably priced. There are plenty of companies that operates to Mondulkiri such as:

You can go straight to these companies location to get a bus or you can use apps such as BookMeBus to book yourself a bus.

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Getting around Mondulkiri

Unlike the capital, Mondulkiri doesn’t have the pleasure of public transportation or tuk-tuks running around everywhere. There are tuk-tuks that hang around in Sen Monorom that will take you around and you can rent motorcycles so that you can travel on your own. But to truly experience the forest and the waterfalls, walking will be the main mode of transportation for you.

Level 1 – Bousra Waterfalls

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