A History of Coffee in Cambodia

Less is known about the history of coffee in Cambodia, and many presume that coffee that is found in Cambodia is the same as the one from Vietnam. Well, yes and no.

Fact: Cambodia produces quality coffee. It just has not been given much recognition and promotion so far. However, Vietnamese coffee is used heavily in Cambodia as well.

So here is some information we have gathered regarding the aromatic coffee found in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Coffee in Cambodia

Although there is not much known about coffee in Cambodia, it is has been noted that coffee was introduced to the country by the French around the same time that it was introduced to Laos and Vietnam. The coffee grown within the Kingdom is robusta.

There have been a few citing that arabica was grown; however, the elevations that the country has reach as far as 800 meters, so there is some difficulty in growing any variations of arabica coffee. There is, however, the hybrid Catimor (arabica) variety that is grown by a few farmers who have crops in Mondulkiri.

Environment in Cambodia

Coffee is also very conducive to growing coffee. With its lush waterfalls, high elevation, as well as abundance in shade for the trees to grow, there is much hope for coffee to thrive. Although, as mentioned above, the elevation may be a bit limited. Still, there is still hope.

Mondulkiri Province boasts of its mountainous regions that have red soil. So far, it has been excellent grounds for growing rubber, black pepper, tropical fruits, cashews, cassava, and of course, coffee.

The Coffee Farmers

The country’s coffee farmers are located in the highlands and are primarily indigenous. These people have lived for a long time in the area, and although some of their tribal customs as well as language have developed, they are still focused on agriculture. Apart from coffee, these farmers also plant rice and other crops.

Support Cambodian Coffee

Despite having good quality coffee, the coffee in Cambodia is still unrecognized by many. It is the hope of many local cafes and coffee farmers that purchasing and using the coffee that originated from the coffee farms in Mondulkiri will eventually help promote Cambodian coffee as a whole.

In addition, coffee farmers would not lose hope and will still strive to improve and pay attention to the quality of coffee that they are producing.

Note: If you feel some of this information is incorrect, please feel free to correct us! Send us an email at support@cambodia-explorer.com.

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