About CE

About Cambodia Explorer

Cambodia Explorer (www.cambodia-explorer.com) is a website created and maintained by Sanya and Lorselle. Both can be contacted through support[@]cambodia-explorer.com, or via the contact form.

A few years ago, Sanya came up with the idea of having a website or an application that can help travelers find information on Cambodia. However, the idea evolved through many stops and starts, and the website is now in its current state where it is an information website.

The website aims to bring information about places, locations, news, and other information as much as possible. Since the website is only maintained by the two, it may take some time to provide all the information.

It is the goal of Cambodia Explorer to help those who want to explore Cambodia by providing information that is easy to reach. There are many things that can be explored about Cambodia, so stay tuned and learn as you go.

Do you have a request?

If you have a request, like a place which you would like us to check out ahead, or want to add, please send us an email or reach us via contact form. We would be happy to help you out!

Happy Exploring!!