Don’t know where to start on your journey in Cambodia? Read about the different locations around the Kingdom of Wonder below.

We have not finished creating all the content, so basically it is a work in progress.

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Places in Cambodia

Below are the places we have documented so far. Each location is a work in progress, so you can expect updates every now and then. Click on the city or town name to get more information.

PlaceQuick info
Phnom PenhCapital city of Cambodia; one of the busiest cities
in the country
Siem ReapSecond well-known location in Cambodia; considered
as a place one MUST VISIT
(Kampong Som)
Coastal city, known for its beaches
MondulkiriBeautiful province with lots of waterfalls and widlife
KampotPepper farms, caves, waterfalls, you name it!
Koh KongA gem at the edge of Cambodia
A rising tourist attraction
Koh RongOne of the ideal destinations for those who want
to enjoy the beach
Preah Vihear ProvinceHome to the iconic Koh Ker temple

Each city or town page lists its own related links and information that you need for your visit.