Kirirom National Park, Kampong Speu

One of the breathtaking sights to see in Cambodia is the Preah Suramarit Kossamak Kirirom National Park. The park is located in Oamrei Phong village within Kirirom commune, on Kirirom Mountain. It is located approximate 117 kilometers South West of Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh. The mountain towers 700 meters high, and was once the Preah Kossamak town. It is now a natural site and is a well conserved park. Kirirom National Park boasts of having an abundance of fresh air, pine trees, orchids, and has waterfalls.

Although Kirirom National Park (ឧទ្យានជាតិគិរីរម្យ-Outtyeancheat Kirirom) does not have a large number of wildlife, Kirirom Mountain is ideal for bird-watching as bird life is thriving on the site. In fact, several avid bird watchers from other countries have visited the park to get a chance to get a glimpse of the unique birds.

When to visit Kirirom National Park

While it is okay to visit the park at any point of the year, it is more interesting to visit during the rainy season or just after it ends. During that time, there are not many fires on the ground, and the waterfalls are not dried up.

The Legend

The name “Kirirom” means “Happy Mountain.” The area was given the name “Kirirom” by King Monivong, sometime during the 1930s. Previously, it was called Phnom Vorvong Sorvong. The ancient name was taken from the two heroic princes, Sorvong and Vorvong, from the popular legend in Cambodia.

Additional information

The park extends a little bit over the eastern part of the famed Cardamom Mountains. It lies at 675 meters or 2,215 feet above sea level, and was the first officially designated national park in Cambodia.

The park itself shows several footpaths crossing the forests, and is peppered with a number of small lakes as well as waterfalls. This was also once used as the refuge of the Khmer Rouge.

Going to Kirirom National Park

Travelers can rent a car that is strong enough to climb up the paths snaking throughout the mountainside.
Buses can go up towards the resorts at the park, but may have some trouble when carrying heavier loads.


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