Cambodia Urban Art Opening party

Here’s an event for art lovers and art enthusiasts: Cambodia Urban Art Opening party!

If you have nothing to do tomorrow, December 14, you might want to check out the Cambodia Urban Art festival. This is the first street-art festival that is held in Cambodia.

About Cambodia Urban Art

Every year, Cambodia Urban Art floods out Phnom Penh streets with paint and talent.Talents from both the international and local scene are involved, and art is undoubtedly appreciated.

The festival is now known for being the annual meet-up for party and art lovers. It also serves as a way to meet and discover the talents that Cambodia has to offer.

The event is said to have live bands, painting sessions, dance performances, exhibitions, and more. Truly an event to be enjoyed.


When: December 14,6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Who: Anybody who wants to join

Where: Mansion FCC

It sure is a fantastic chance to relax and enjoy, all the while being immersed in culture and art.

Best of all, it is FREE ENTRY!

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