Cambodian Bamboo Train (Norry) at Battambang

Do you want to try something new? Here’s one for an interesting experience if you have run out of ideas to do on your trip to Cambodia. Time to ride a train, but not just any train, it is a Cambodian bamboo train!

Head over to Battambang and experience the bamboo train.

Cambodian bamboo train (norry)

A norry (nori; ណូរី) is an improvised vehicle than runs on tracks, which attributed to the vehicle being called the “Cambodian bamboo train.” The trains previously ran on the regular train tracks, but has since then been rebuilt near Wat Banan. The relocation was done due to the rebuilding of the rail lines that are supposed to run from Phnom Penh to Poipet.

The bamboo trains are simple, and previously propelled using punt poles. However, the newer bamboo trains at the new tracks are powered by small engines and even have cushioned seats to make the experience more comfortable.


Newer tracks

At the new location, there are around 6 bamboo trains that can service visitors at the Banan temple area. Although the new location may be a little bit far off from the city, it does provide spectacular views of the landscape around the temple. It showcases views of ancient carvings, lots of fresh air, and orchards.


Cambodians pay around 10,000 riels ($2.50) while foreigners pay around twice as much.

Map to the Cambodian bamboo train

Once you arrive at Battambang, pretty much everybody knows where the bamboo trains are located. However, you can also use the map below to navigate.

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Photos are a bit old. Taken around late March to early April 2018.

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Visit Battambang and try the Cambodian bamboo train

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