Battambang Bat Caves

If there is one thing more breathtaking to watch in Cambodia, it is the sun setting and seeing the mesmerizing flight of the bats that exit the Battambang bat caves.

You can simply sit at the base of Phnom Sampeou in Battambang, and see the stream of millions of bats that zoom into the sky. Occasionally, there would be a bat or two that can be seen lost from the group. But they often find their way.

Battambang bat caves

Around sundown, there is often a crowd that gathers right at the base of Phnom Sampeou on the outskirts of Battambang. Due to the crowd that it brings, there are street sellers that can be seen, catering to the crowd with their variety of drinks and eats.

There is an air of anticipation as spectators await the exit of the bats, and once they do, audible gasps of people can be heard all around. The magnificent sight continues for around an hour, as the bats wake and start their nightly rituals.

The best place to watch the event at the Battambang bat caves is to go as near as possible to the entrance. However, there tends to be a crowd there so it might be a bit difficult, especially if you have a car. Getting to the caves before 5:30 p.m. usually gets you a good spot. However, you can always see the bats from the street.

Getting to the bat caves

There are many ways to get to the bat caves, even easier if you have a car. If not, you could:

  • Ask a tuktuk to drive you, you might pay $1 or so
  • Ask local friends to take you there
  • Motodups can also take you there if you are alone

Phnom Sampeou is not just about the bat caves as it is, in itself, a place to explore. This, we will cover in a different post.

Battambang and its tourists

Luckily, there are not many tourists in Battambang just yet. Well, it is not as heavily visited as other places in Cambodia, which is a refreshing if you want to find a hidden gem.

Apart from the Battambang bat caves, you could also check out the bamboo train (norry) which we have already covered previously.

There are still a lot to explore in Battambang, so stay posted!

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