Valentine’s Day in Cambodia

Like the rest of the world, Cambodia also celebrates Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is not an officially recognized holiday, but who cares really? It is definitely a day of celebration.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Cambodia

A day or two before Valentine’s Day, you can see a number of people on the street selling flowers, toys, and other heart-filled goodies.

On the day, itself, it is another matter. As early as 5 p.m., the streets start to become more congested as couples and families rush to reach their restaurants before it gets crowded. Somewhere near the Independence Monument in Phnom Penh, the streets become so crowded, that you may need to take a different route just to pass through.

The street sellers also tend to multiply in number, which only adds to the traffic. This is because most people would then stop in the middle of the road to make their purchases.

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, most of the restaurants and hotels start their promotions with several discounts, budget meals, and even luxury sets. All the more reason to go out, right?

Shopping for Valentine’s Day

It is relatively easy to buy loved ones something sweet and special on February 14. With all the toys, flowers, and stores having discounts, a gift is a no brainer.

However, prices do tend to skyrocket at this point, so some pre-planning is advised. Several shops on Facebook, however, will already alert anybody in Cambodia of the promotions they have. So purchasing well ahead of schedule is possible.

Suffice to say, as Valentine’s Day in Cambodia is as popular as it is everywhere else. Single, married, or happily dating, are free to enjoy a little romance during this day.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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