Mondulkiri Passion Fruit Wine

Looking to try something new? Perhaps something with a bit of alcohol? Try the Mondulkiri Passion Fruit Wine.

Passion Fruit and Mondulkiri

Passion fruit at Mondulkiri

When on a trip to Mondulkiri, it is easy to spot the abundance of passion fruit vines. While it is not really confirmed that passion fruit is a major produce of Mondulkiri, it certainly is there in abundance. Together with some other fruits such as avocado, jackfruit, pomegranates, and durian.

Fruits are known to be juicier and more succulent in Mondulkiri. This is perhaps due to the climate of the province.

Passion Fruit Wine

As a way to capitalize on the delicious passion fruit from Mondulkiri, the passion fruit wine was created.

There are different versions of the wine, which varies according to the alcohol content. The company sells regular passion fruit juice that, when served cold, brings a fresh taste and great relief during the hot months.

The wine that has lesser alcohol content is made from Yellow Passion Fruit from the north-eastern area of Mondulkiri. There is also another version that has around 13% alcohol content, which is made from Red Passion Fruit.

There is also another variant which has more than 20% alcohol content.

Different variations of passion fruit wine and juice

Prices of these bottles are around $13 to $25. The higher the alcohol content, the more expensive it is.

If you are visiting Bousra Waterfalls, Mondulkiri, there is a small shop that sells the wines before you reach the falls.

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