Overhanging rock attraction at Phnom Kulen

If you have a thirst for adventure and something new in Cambodia, you can test your limits at the newest attraction at Phnom Kulen. The overhanging rock attraction has been reported by The Phnom Penh Post as open to the public.

What is the overhanging rock?

The overhanging rock is like a protruding cliff that overlooks the vasts forests below. The giant rock allows visitors to venture out to the edge as far as they can, and have a hair-raising experience. It is, however, definitely a breathtaking sight – for those who dare.

Where is the giant rock?

The rock is located within the area of Mahendrapravata. This is the area which was identified as the ancient city that was founded during the era of the Khmer Empire. The area was uncovered more than 5 years ago.

As you are standing at the giant overhanging rock, you can take in the pure vastness of Phnom Kulen National Park.

Safety concern

There are concerns that those visiting the area may get carried away when they take their pictures. It has happened in other countries where those who are trying to take pictures may walk on the careless side. Now this rock is nothing to be careless about.

According to authorities, the area in question is also available for tourists even at night, perhaps due to the magnificence of the shots that can be taken during sunset. Security guards are available to stand guard in the event something bad happens.

Warning: Tourists who suffer from having a fear of heights are cautioned when visiting the site. Those who also travel with children are warned and are heavily urged to keep an eye on their family members.

Note: Photo and information belong to The Phnom Penh Post. Please read the original post here.

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