The Book Cafe, Battambang

Apart from the Coconut School, there is also another small group that is giving back to Cambodia by supporting young Cambodian readers: The Book Cafe, Battambang.

While the Coconut School is now a bit established, The Book Cafe has just begun its journey. As it is, the organization is starting its outreach in Battambang.

About The Book Cafe

Photo courtesy of The Book Cafe Facebook page.

The group is a non-profit organization that helps the young readers of Cambodia by providing free reading materials, a workspace and reading area, as well as education sessions and literary outreach.

The organization is relatively young, having started their efforts in 2017, and is currently operating on a shoestring budget. Much of the operations is fueled by the efforts of hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers.

Fundraising for the Cafe

The Book Cafe is currently running some fundraising efforts in order to manage maintenance costs for the cafe space.

Click here for more information regarding the fundraiser.

The money collected will not only be targeted towards maintenance costs, but also for outreach activities as well as new reading materials.

Kids learning at The Book Cafe
Photo taken from The Book Cafe fundraiser page.


Click here follow The Book Cafe on Facebook for more information.

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Photo taken from The Book Cafe Facebook page.

Note: Cambodia Explorer is aware that we are posting a link that is geared towards fundraising. We are not directly affiliated with the organization. However, we would like to express that in support of local organizations, we would like to highlight these volunteers who are trying to make a difference in the country.

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