Cambodian Creations

Shopping can be a fun activity for anybody, especially when buying cute stuff. In that regard, we present Cambodian Creations. A small company that offers Cambodian made goods, for you and your family.

The group showcases several really attractive merchandise that are great for souvenirs and gifts. Not only for those who are visiting Cambodia, but for locals who want to introduce their culture to the younger generation.

About Cambodian Creations

Based on their website:

Cambodian Creations is a fair trade shop curating creative designs from talented Cambodian artisans.

A collaboration between established social enterprises Cambodia Knits, Khmer Creations and Fairweave, Cambodian Creations is bringing socially conscious products to the local Phnom Penh community and international travellers.

Cambodian Creations aims to generate income for at-risk Cambodian workers through providing sustainable and meaningful employment based on fair trade and ethical work principals.

Here at Cambodian Creations, we aim to bring you great quality items and provide them to you in one easy location.

Apart from that, it seems that Cambodian Creations also hosts some classes in knitting and jewelry making. Although schedules might be required.

Photo taken from the Cambodian Creations website.

Opening Hours

cambodian creations opening hours
Opening hours taken from their website.


Below is the location of Cambodian Creations in Phnom Penh:

Note: We would love to hear from you regarding your experience with the shop!

Supporting locally made products and stores is one of the goals of Cambodia Explorer, to give a voice to those who might be overshadowed by bigger companies.

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