Plants and Flowers along Street 310, Phnom Penh

Being in Phnom Penh can mean being deprived from Mother Nature. With Phnom Penh THE major city in Cambodia, it can be a challenge for most – especially those who want a dose of nature.

There is one place that is quite popular among locals, and it is the flower shop on St. 310.

Plants and flowers phnom penh
Colorful hanging plants along St. 310

The Plants

  • There is a wide variety of plants available for you to choose from
  • The price is quite low – so get a tuktuk if you need to cart off some!
  • Orchids are at 15,000 riels, but it was in full bloom already.
  • A blooming pot can cost around 10,000 Riels ($2.50).
  • You can choose your own pots, if you like.
  • They also sell succulents in fun looking pots to help you brighten your work desk.
Succulents anyone?

The Location & Service

  • The shop is really easy to find.
  • It is located along the road, and it is hard to miss the colorful pots and hanging plants that are displayed at the corner.
  • The seller is friendly and accommodating. She can provide information in case you are looking for particular plants. For example, what the plant needs before you kill it.

More plants!




Street 310, Boeung Keng Kang

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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