BookMebus: Easy bus ticket booking service

BookMeBus is one of the top bus ticketing companies in Cambodia.

If you need to buy tickets without the hassle of going to each of the bus stations, then BookMeBus is the service for you.

BookMeBus bus ticketing
A random bus around Phnom Penh! © Cambodia Explorer

Why BookMeBus?

  • BookMeBus is very handy. They have pretty much all the major bus operators in Cambodia.
  • You can plan ahead and see which bus operators are available on your preferred dates to travel.
  • You do not have to individually search for phone numbers.
  • Processing such as booking tickets and finding the booked tickets is found in a single app.
  • You can install their app on your phone, or book from their website.
  • You do not have to print the ticket. As you are boarding the bus, you can simply show the eTicket or the mTicket for confirmation.

The Service

  • Booking is easy via app or website.
  • Tickets are confirmed via SMS and email.
  • In case there are any changes in the bookings, the support team are quick to send updates to the travelers – this is so important especially when you travel during the peak season!
  • If you have questions, it is possible to chat with the support team via the website. This is handy when you have some questions that you might be unsure of.
On the way to Ho Chi Minh via Sapaco © Cambodia Explorer



Buy bus tickets to popular routes here:

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