Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser (Maison Kayser) is known as a “Unique French traditional bakery in Cambodia.” There are several branches located around Phnom Penh, including one that is located by the river side.

eric kayser

The Food

  • Their bread is very good.
  • The coffee is delicious, too.
  • If you buy coffee, you get a free croissant.
  • Breakfast dishes are around $7-8 per plate.

The Location and Ambiance

  • The ambiance of this branch is quiet and relaxing.
  • There wasn’t any loud accompanying music.
  • The shop behind Monument Books along Norodom  is a bit difficult to locate, since there are trees and canopy that hide it a bit from Street 51.

The Service

  • Service was prompt.
  • The staff were attentive and patient.
  • They speak excellent English on top of their Khmer.



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