Lort Cha: Cambodian pan-fried noodles

Lort Cha Cambodian food

Today’s featured Cambodian dish is Lort Cha. Lort Cha is a dish that is considered one of the favorites that both locals and tourists enjoy. It simply epitomizes Cambodia in terms of being hassle-free, economical, and it has a lot to offer than what initially meets the eye.

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About Lort Cha

Lort is a type of rice noodle that is distinctly short. It is made from water and flour, and is easily found in any of the local markets. These noodles are then stir-fried (“cha” = stir-fry in Khmer) and then mixed with a variety of vegetables. Some of these vegetables include bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, green onions, and more.

Once the ingredients are mixed together, it results in a contrast of textures that include the chewy consistency of the noodles, and some crunch brought about from the other ingredients.

Not only is this dish delicious, but it apparently is great for one’s health as well.

Where to try

Incidentally, for those who want to try this dish, several local restaurants serve lort cha. In addition, the small shops in markets, and some street vendors also sell this dish.

For visitors who are not so used to trying street food, we would recommend that you try lort cha from the restaurants as opposed to the markets.

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