Paris Optics: Top optical shop in Cambodia

There are many optical shops that one can find in Phnom Penh. One of the more popular ones is Paris Optics Phnom Penh. They have several branches that can be seen around Phnom Penh, so if you need new eyeglasses or new sunglasses, they are one of the places to visit.

About Paris Optics

Paris Optics is one of the biggest optical shops in Phnom Penh. They have been around since 1988, so it is older than most of the optical shops in the country. They have several branches in Phnom Penh, but the one we usually go to is Paris Optics 7.

Paris Optics 7
The front of Paris Optics 7

The eyeglasses and shop

Around the shop of Paris Optics

  • They have a lot of eyeglasses to choose from. From many different brands, too.
  • It is good that they have options for those who are on a budget, and for those who want to invest more.
  • They have styles for the old and young.
  • You can just drop by and check out the eyeglasses they have on hand.
  • They also have eye drops and lens cleaners available.

The service

Just some of their many eyeglasses available.
  • They are thorough in giving clients a check up, making sure that they do not give the wrong prescription.
  • Their equipment is brand new, and clean, so you know that they are particular about quality.
  • The staff is so helpful in finding the style that you want.
  • They can also advise in case you are not sure what to get.
Purchases are packaged neatly, and you get free water.

About ZEISS lenses

Although Paris Optics has a lot of lens types – they even have the transition lenses (the ones that fade into sunglasses or something). Which is great because you can choose which lens you want.

For those who like to look at the screen or travel. They have these lenses that are called Zeiss lenses. A bit more than the usual lens, but it is better because apparently it is light on the eyes.

See below for the information regarding the lens.

Information on ZEISS lenses.

Paris Optics 7
Tel: 023 211 206, 023 880 671

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