Samot Baitong Resort, Sihanoukville

Note: We have received information that Samot Baitong Resort may have had a change in name and management. At this time, we are have not yet received any complete updates. (July 2019)

If you happen to be in Sihanoukville (Kampong Som), you might want to check out the newest resort that Sihanoukville has to offer: Samot Baitong Resort.

About Samot Baitong Resort

Samot Baitong Resort is very fresh and new for guests to try out. The resort is a family-owned resort that is located next to the river and also has easy access to the beach. 

samot baitong resort
Traditional Khmer accommodations with modern amenities.

The property has 2 buildings that have the Khmer traditional design, but the “traditional” part stops there. The amenities are modern, even the minibar looks fancy! Each of the rooms are spacious and airy, with a lot of room to move around.

The Resort

riverside resort in sihanoukville
View of the calm waters at the river
    • Samot Baitong Resort is clean and fresh, and it transports visitors back to classic Khmer times.
    • The staff are friendly, and they can speak excellent Khmer and English.
    • They have an on-site restaurant, and their menu offers quite an interesting selection of dishes.
    • The rooms are clean and spacious, guests can get those Family Suites and fit the whole family inside comfortably.
    • The pool is very nice and located nicely.
    • Rooms have sound proofing.
classic borann food
Sample Khmer food from Classic Borann

The Location and Ambiance

    • The resort is peaceful, really peaceful.
    • The cool breeze makes guests feel more relaxed and refreshed during their stay.
    • The river is just next to the buildings, so guests can enjoy sitting around and laze around as much as they want.
    • Guests can also go exploring around the gardens, which have several kinds of birds of paradise and other hard to find flowers. It is a treat for those who have a thing for gardens!
    • It is also close to the beach, so beach bums can just walk towards the beach and enjoy the waves and soak in the natural beauty of Otres 2.
    • Samot Baitong Resort is located in Otres 2, and is just around 30 minutes away from the main circular of Sihanoukville proper. No noise from clubs here!

classic khmer resort

The Service

    • Very friendly and accommodating staff.
    • Guests can not want much because they are really attentive to the guests’ needs.
    • Easy to communicate to the staff as well.

Overall, Samot Baitong Resort in Sihanoukville is one of those places one must visit. Especially if you want to just get away from the noise and confusion in Phnom Penh. The rich natural environment transports you to a nature paradise which is hard to find in Sihanoukville, given all the construction going on.


Samot Baitong Resort and Restaurant

Address: Otres 2, Marina Rd., Sihanoukville


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