Pheapbol’s BrewHouse, Phnom Penh

Early mornings are meant for good food and conversations. Pheapbol’s BrewHouse Cambodia is a favorite place to enjoy a good meal in the morning.

The Food

  • The food is good enough for the amount you pay.
  • Ingredients are fresh in the morning.
  • The portion of the servings are sizeable.
  • The noodles often fill up the bowl to the brim.
  • For the Western dishes, it could use some improvement because it is not much.
  • Their noodle soup is delicious. Better than most other competitors.
  • The meat in the beef noodle soup is tender and falls from the bone easily.


The Location and Ambiance

  • Pheapbol’s BrewHouse Cambodia is easy to miss if you are not careful where you are going.
  • While headed towards the Royal Palace, you need to keep an eye on your right side to make sure that you spot the sign.
  • Inside, the place is relaxing in the mornings – if you are lucky.
  • Other than that, the tables and seating are comfortable.
  • The temperature is also ideal, especially during warmer mornings.


The Service

  • The service crew are friendly and attentive.
  • Sometimes during certain crowded mornings, the waiters tend to forget about your orders or if you asked for condiments.
  • They are fast in giving the complimentary water or tea.
  • Depending on your order, most of the usual condiments are included when they serve you.
  • They speak English and Khmer quite fluently.
  • The waitresses are able to remember your face and your usual order if you go frequently enough.



Pheapbol’s BrewHouse Cambodia


#52 St. Sothearus

Sangkat Chaktokmuk

Phnom Penh

Phone number: 070 999 893


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