PastaMania Cambodia, Phnom Penh

This post about PastaMania Cambodia was made a day after it opened. There was a bit of a crowd as was expected. But, service was still enjoyed.

The Food

  • PastaMania Cambodia served good food.
  • There were several choices to choose from, including the type of pasta that you prefer.
  • The pizza was well worth it! It actually disappeared from our table very fast.
  • The pasta was good, although there are other places that might serve better pasta.
  • They have several drinks to choose from, ranging from softdrinks to shakes.

The Location and ambiance

  • From the outside, PastaMania looked hot and uncomfortable.
  • Inside looked cozy and inviting.
  • It seems a bit cramped during lunch rush.
  • The tables are sturdy enough, although chairs were small and uncomfortable.
  • Overall décor is nice.


The Service

  • The staff was attentive to our needs.
  • A bit of opening day nervousness, perhaps.
  • Our additional orders came late because it was burnt and they had to do it again.
  • There was a mix up with our orders, resulting in an extra glass of Coca Cola.


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