Euro Park, Phnom Penh

There is a hidden gem in Phnom Penh that not many people are aware about. This is the existence of a slice of Europe in a place called Euro Park.

Yes, it is still in Phnom Penh, but once you step into the park, you feel like you are no longer in Cambodia.

Euro Park in Phnom Penh
Mini Eiffel Tower at Euro Park, Phnom Penh

Euro Park: About the park

To be honest, Cambodia Explorer does not know much about Euro Park. What we do know is that it seems to be a part of a borey.

It is in Peng Hout (as far as we know), and the surrounding residential area is still pretty much under construction. There are big houses that are surrounding the park, so we can assume that the park is one of the perks of the residents.

Currently, however, there is no fee if you want to take a quick trip to Euro Park. It is great for a small picnic, and definitely for cute pictorials. Plus, you get to have some pictures at the Eiffel Tower if you want.

Here are some of the pictures that we were able to take.


Below is the location on the map for those who are interested in visiting the park.


  • We suggest visiting when the buildings are more complete. Currently, the buildings are still hollow, but are still considerably beautiful.
  • If you can, take your own ride to the place. Going there is easy with Grab or PassApp, but going back to Phnom Penh proper is difficult from way inside since there are not many Grab or PassApp providers.
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