STEM Cambodia hosts 14th Annual Festival

STEM Cambodia has recently concluded its 14th Annual Cambodia STEM Festival, which was held at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center in Phnom Penh. The festival took place from November 30 to December 01, and was seen to be packed with students and lecturers alike.

The STEM Festival is sometimes referred to as a “science fair” in other areas, but is now referred to as a STEM Festival. The festival celebrates core STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Based on the STEM Cambodia website, the festival does the following:

• It offers a unique opportunity for students to explore each world belonging to these subjects and build a wealth of scientific knowledge and skills

• Exhibitions and presentations at STEM Festival increase a student’s skills in Language, Science, Mathematics and the Arts

• As students conduct independent research, each has the opportunity to individually learn, grow and develop

• STEM provides students with the opportunity to investigate and/or address a problem using sound scientific reasoning and methodology

• STEM encourages students to strive to reach their personal best by providing a venue for students to share their efforts, discoveries, creations and inventions with others and compare the outcomes of research among other students

• It helps teachers to assess and understand students’ development and learning not only in the sciences but also on scientific process, technical skill, oral and written communication and creativity.

This year proved to be another successful year for STEM Cambodia and its efforts to educate the minds of Cambodian youth. Kids of all ages were seen at the festival, as there was a little of something for everybody in attendance. Perhaps the best part is that admission is totally free.

Please visit STEM Cambodia’s Facebook page for pictures and updates of the event. Images featured here are property of STEM Cambodia.

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